Tips for writing an essay

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Tips for writing an essay

What is an essay and what makes it different?

The essay (or French essayer = try) is a not too extensive, stylistically demanding prose text on any topic. It is not a clearly defined type of text, but rather a form of presentation that discusses a subject freely, associatively and emphasizes subjectively reflective. The essay often provides no new facts, but looks familiar from a different perspective. The goal here is not to convince the reader of his opinion. Rather, the essay tries to provide food for thought and to stimulate the reader to reflect. He achieves this by discussing several possible solutions and approaches to a problem in a pointed, ironic or provocative manner.

Notes on the style

The essay is a stylistically demanding type of text that can use the whole range of poetic and rhetorical design elements. The reader is often addressed directly through targeted rhetorical questions; metaphors, alliterations, repetition figures, and other stylistic devices highlight certain arguments; Suggestions, ambiguities and quotations round off an ingenious and pointed discussion of the subject.

Notes on the structure

Unlike a discussion, the essay does not offer a systematic and strictly analyzing presentation of a topic and therefore does not claim to be complete or even scientific systematics. On the contrary, digressions (digressions) are allowed provided they provide new food for thought. Of course, an essay of course consists of the classical parts of introduction, main part and conclusion. Of particular importance is the introduction, as it forms the basis for a readable essay and introduces into the problem. The thought-guiding in the main part is usually rather erratic-associative, whereby it is essential to ensure that the context of meaning (the “common thread”) is respected. In the final part, there are many possibilities, so the problem can be questioned in a pointed way again or provide a completely new aspect, a further food for thought.

How to write an essay

Exact analysis of the task and comprehension of the frame topic.

Approaching the frame theme by writing down first associations. For this you arrange key concepts in the form of a mind map, a star of ideas, a cluster or similar.

Possibly research and collection of texts, diagrams, caricatures, etc., which match the theme. However, if a dossier with informational material is available, this step will be dropped.

Evaluation of the dossier by summarizing the material in the form of abstracts (= short, non-judgmental summary of a text).

Enter keywords in the mind maps, etc., identify foreign statements and supplement them with your own considerations.

Create a writing plan (rough outline) and formulate an appropriate heading.

Composing your own essay.

Editing the essay.

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